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Approximately 100 to 150 bearings are used in each automobile produced. Supplies a wide range of bearing types including hub unit bearings, which support the vehicle wheel, as well as bearings for the transmission and electrical components bearings for engine and air conditioner.

In recent years, we developing and manufacturing products in response to the electrification of vehicles, including parts for hybrid cars, electric vehicles, and automobiles powered by fuel cells. NSK is producing compact, lightweight bearings that reduce friction loss and noise, always striving to make automobiles more reliable and fuel efficient. This is one way that promote global environmental conservation while simultaneously improving the safety and comfort of vehicles.


Among its automotive components, Our develops and manufactures electric power steering (EPS) systems that employ a motor to make the steering wheel easier to turn and help drivers control their vehicles safely and comfortably. EPS systems not only help make driving more comfortable by reducing the force needed to turn the steering wheel, but also improve fuel efficiency and, through the application of electronic control technology, contribute to safer driving. Consequently, demand for these systems is growing worldwide. It holds a large share of the global market for EPS systems, and anticipates growing demand in the future for its renowned column-type EPS designed for compact cars, particularly from emerging countries.