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Several factors are driving change and influencing innovation in the global automotive industry. One of the biggest drivers is regulatory compliance for emission and safety. Markets are also witnessing a shift from traditional economies to developing economies like bringing new requirements across safety, price, usage patterns, environmental conditions, supplier ecosystems and features. Coupled with increased consumer demand for innovation in advanced safety, infotainment and comfort features, automotive OEMs and suppliers must adapt to more electronics and software in modern automobiles.

Our solutions are complemented by our wide ranging competencies in high-end automotive design and styling, development, validation, testing and system integration. Our end to end consulting experience in Safety and Reliability Engineering, Should Costing and Value Engineering enables us to deliver next generation automotive solutions to customers globally and at frugal price points.

Low cost solution

Affordable cars require highly efficient technology that is tailored to the customer and regional expectations. Potential market leaders have to adjust their products and the production processes accordingly. Continental does not just develop cost-optimized products, it also produces the requisite innovative system solutions. Engineers everywhere have to work together to turn these products and solutions into reality, combining local knowledge with the experience and expertise in the established markets.

There also has to be a rethink of how products are defined and developed in Europe as well. What is required are shorter development cycles and an ability to supply the market with high-quality products in large volumes. As a result, the "bottom up" approach is set to gain in importance for Continental. The Body Controller is a perfect example. Under its new name of Basic Function Controller, this central control unit has become the focal point of an intelligent electronic system for the global market. It was developed from scratch and in a completely different way to its conventional counterparts for the European market. Any features without any directly discernible function for the customer were reviewed for their necessity and avoided as appropriate.

Engineering support

The key issues for engineering support are to coordinate the participants and to provide each engineer an environment, also called a workspace where they can work independently in the task duration. The former one refers the cooperative work support and the latter one is mostly called workspace support.

That’s why we have engineers with extensive training and expertise to help you solve complex system issues, maximize operational performance and reduce costs. You’ll feel secure knowing you have Flowserve on your team, helping you improve plant performance as well as stay focused on the bottom line.

Designing Solutions

Designing which is at the core of every new product development is redefining itself turning multidimensional today with the advancements in new connected technologies, ever stringent regulatory guidelines and the evolving market dynamics led by the need of a connected world. The complexity involved in the design function has increased dramatically because of the nature of products. The trend is being witnessed across engineering industries like aerospace, defense, automotive where the need for designs is indispensable.