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Our Company has initiated execution on multi - generational plans to expand the production capacity, upgrade quality management system and improve marketing aspects of its business. We are confident that you will see significant improvements in all aspects of our business in Automobiles, and other segments in the years to come. In order to augment the production for growing demand, our company has made complex investments. As far as the future predictions are concerned, increasing demand for automobiles in India, establishment of bases of major global auto-makers due to favorable policies and government support would give immense support to the growth of ancillary sector.


Several factors are driving change and influencing innovation in the global automotive industry. One of the biggest drivers is regulatory compliance for emission and safety. Markets are also witnessing a shift from traditional economies to developing economies like bringing new requirements across safety, price, usage patterns, environmental conditions, supplier ecosystems and features. Coupled with increased consumer demand for innovation in advanced safety, infotainment and comfort features, automotive OEMs and suppliers must adapt to more electronics and software in modern automobiles.